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MEGAPEÇAS, Lda is licensed as a slaughter center for ELV - end of life vehicles - registered with APA and is a member of Valorcar, hereinafter referred to as MEGAPEÇAS.

CLIENT is understood to mean the purchaser, whether natural or legal, of new and / or used auto parts and components resulting from the dismantling of ELVs, which are referred to below as GOODS.

The validation of an order made by the Client implies his acceptance of the conditions expressed herein without prejudice to the applicable legal rules, namely those provided for in DL nº 24/2014, of 14 February and subsequent amendments.

The Customer may cancel his purchase provided he communicates it to MEGAPEÇAS before the delivery of the goods and will be refunded the amounts paid.

If payment for the order does not occur within 4 (four) days after confirmation, the order will be automatically canceled.



The goods transacted by MEGAPEÇAS are duly marked with a recording or mark.

The customer has the right to return and / or exchange the purchased goods, provided that the following conditions are respected:

1. It is a necessary condition that the customer keep that mark or engraving unchanged for the purpose of returning or exchanging the goods.

2. Returns originated by the customer's resolution of the purchase contract, under the terms of the law, will only be accepted within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the customer acquired physical possession of the goods.

3. Exercising the right of free resolution, the Customer will return the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from its communication under the terms of the following number 4. the return costs will be borne by him.

4. In order to validate its right to return under the terms of the previous paragraph 2., the Client must communicate its decision to terminate the purchase contract to MEGAPEÇAS by means of a proven and unambiguous declaration, sent by registered letter or email to the address “”.

5. MEGAPEÇAS will refund the payments made, including shipping costs, within 8 (eight) days from the arrival of the goods at its facilities, subject to the goods being in the exact state in which they were sold.

6. In case of exchange, MEGAPEÇAS will check the condition of the goods and, when compliant, will replace them, subject to availability in stock. If this is not the case, MEGAPEÇAS will refund the amount or, if the customer expressly wishes, credit your account for that amount for a later purchase.

7. The customer is responsible for, regardless of the reason for the return, the shipping charges to MEGAPEÇAS.

8. Returns caused by a proven error attributable to the customer, namely, by incorrect identification of the asset, or other, will be accepted by MEGAPEÇAS, which will exchange or return the asset's value, under the terms of the previous number 1 and the following number 9.

9. In the case of the provision in number 8 above, the customer is obliged to pay an administrative and operational cost of 10% of the purchase value, being issued by MEGAPEÇAS the respective invoice, with a minimum of 15.00 (fifteen euros) and a maximum of 50.00 (fifty euros), plus VAT at the standard rate in force.

10. Causes of non-acceptance of return or exchange of goods are:

10.1 Infringement of trademarks or recordings of goods made by MEGAPEÇAS, even if in the form of an attempt.

10.2 Damage caused by negligent damage attributable to the customer, either in the handling or in the assembly of the asset.

10.3 Damage caused by the customer's transportation to MEGAPEÇAS.

10.4 Damages evidently caused in the transportation of MEGAPEÇAS shipments to the customer when not communicated, in writing or electronically, within 1 (one) business day from the date of entry into possession of the goods.

11. There will still be no place for MEGAPEÇAS to accept the return of goods:

11.1 When the customer invokes, as a cause, the normal wear and tear of the good whose condition of used it knows and which he accepted.

11.2 In the case of consumables and wear parts.

12. Once the conditions for return or exchange are verified, the goods must be sent to the following address:

Travessa da Urtigueira, 171
Industrial zone S. Caetano - Canelas
4410-235 Vila Nova de Gaia



The Client must check, upon receipt of the goods, if there is any visible damage.

If this is the case, you should immediately write down a reservation on the carrier's guide and inform MEGAPEÇAS within 24 hours at the latest the existence and description of this damage accompanied by a photograph showing it.

This procedure is a necessary condition for determining responsibilities, namely those of the carrier.



In the case of goods in a state of use, the Customer accepts the reduction of the warranty period to ONE YEAR without prejudice to the exclusions to the warranty right, as listed below under “Exceptions to the warranty right”.



The Customer loses the right to the guarantee when the following facts are verified:

1. Engines
1.1 Overheating of the engine due to causes other than this, namely lack of water or oil.
1.2 Inappropriate use of oils and other fluids
1.3 Failure to replace the timing belt or chain, as appropriate.
1.4 Lack of cleanliness of all circuits and use of inappropriate equipment or fluids

2. Gearboxes
2.1 Inappropriate use of oils / valves / lubricants.
2.2 Lack of cleanliness of all circuits and use of inappropriate equipment

3. Aesthetic parts
3.1 Paint damage or defects
3.2 Plastics with deformations or aesthetic damage

4. Electrical and electronic parts
4.1 In the event of reprogramming of modules, control units or any other electronic components
4.2 Errors due to poor equipment installation



1. Packaging of goods
All goods are properly packed and protected by the MEGAPEÇAS shipping service.

2. Shipping and Payment
Shipping costs are paid in full before the goods leave. Transit time is calculated based on the recipient's location and the carrier's conditions.

3. Validity of online purchase
Purchases will be validated and confirmed after good collection. Until finalized payment is subject to availability of the product / part in our stock.

4. Checkout data
For online purchases, the Customer must provide data such as: Country, Name, TIN, Address, Mail and Telephone number.

These data are confidential and only used for invoicing and shipping the goods. If the delivery address is not the billing address, the Customer must add another shipping address in the "add another shipping address" option.

5. Product for sale in the store
All goods for sale in the online store come from End of Life Vehicle Slaughter Centers (VFV) and, consequently, used.

6. Possible computer anomaly.
If you have found, due to a possible computer failure, a good with no image or available price, request the missing information, to ensure that you receive exactly what you want. MEGAPEÇAS would like to thank you, in advance, for communicating to you, by any means, such an accidental and involuntary anomaly.



For everything not provided for in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the current legislation applies, namely DL nº 24/2014, of February 14, with changes introduced by Law nº 47/2014, of July 28 and DL 78/2018, October 15th and other subsequent amendments, as well as other applicable legislation.